5 Crazy Unique Building Designs From Around The World

Buildings usually have straight lines, 90-degree corners, and a square shape, but these next ones contradict all of that. Check out these unique buildings that surely don’t lack originality.

Grand Piano & Violin Building, China

piano violin house

Talk about a musical building, it was designed by students from the Hefei University of Technology.

Longaberger Company headquarters, Ohio, USA

basket building

It won’t come to a surprise to you if we tell you that the company makes handcrafted baskets…


Shtrikh Kod, Russia

Shtrikh Kod means barcode in Russian and the building features various shops and boutiques.


Snail House, Bulgaria

Snail House

This is one unique and colorful house, and just like a snail, there’s no straight walls, corners or edges.


National Fisheries Development Board, India

fish building india

Too obvious you would say? A fish building for the National Fisheries Development Board, why not!


Office Center 1000, Lithuania

bank note building

The financial building was built with the 1000 banknote to commemorate Lithuania’s entry into the EU.

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Source: Buzz Buzz Home