7 Unusual Materials People Used To Build Their Home

We are definitely for recycling and do our part for the planet, but would you be ready to live in a recycled house or to build your house differently? Here are 7 unusual materials used to build a house:

Straw as insulation

You read that right! We all know that straw is a good insulator, but putting it in your house, we remain skeptical! Straw, put together and tied very tightly, can be installed between two walls thereby cut down cold air currents. The advantage of this method is that during summer, your home’s rooms will be cooler, in addition to not exposing your family to toxins since everything is natural. Don’t forget to not play with fire too close to the walls…


Lego blocks

Unfortunately destroyed now, this house was made out of 3.3 million Lego blocks. It doesn’t say if the house how habitable year-round or if it could resist wind gusts. We dare to believe that James May, the builder, had fun while building it.


Worms as neighbors

Our ancestors used a very natural way to insulate: bury their house underground! You only need to find a small hill, dig and insert your home in the ground. Why? Because the soil keeps a certain temperature even during winter and keeps the heat in which helps you save money on your electricity bills in addition to making a small gesture for mother nature.


Empty bottles

What should you do with your empty beer and wine bottles? Obviously, build a house with it! The house that you see below, located in Thailand, is made out of 1.5 million empty beer bottles. Cheers!


Shipping containers

It seems as if the big metal boxes destined for shipping goods are becoming more popular as homes. They’re on the small side, cheap, and don’t require a lot of energy to heat. Notice to people who like to live in the bare minimum, here’s your chance! Also, since it doesn’t cost a lot, you can buy more than one, put them together or have homes all around the world.


Sand and plastic bottles

Do you have empty plastic bottles and sand? Congratulations, you just created a support element! Indeed, plastic bottles are relatively resistant and once filled up with sand, they become even stronger. Since plastic takes years to decompose, it becomes a material of choice for long-term projects. We don’t advise you to try it on your home…Maybe only for your backyard shed. Here’s a way to recycle and save money at the same time. 


100% recycled

Located in Mexico, this house is entirely built with recycled materials: used tires, glass, bottles, soil, and wood. Pieces of glass used for the construction bring brightness to the house. Pretty cool! 


That was some pretty cool construction materials; do you know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!