Think You Live In a Small House? Wait Until You See Theses.


Most people search for the biggest house they can afford, with the large backyard, the open floor plan and the dream kitchen, but for some smaller is better. Tumbleweed’s Tiny Homes is a company who builds, you guessed right, tiny homes that you assemble yourself. Multiple models exist but it’s also possible to custom build or add-on the existing models and you’ll be pleased to know that most models are smaller than 120 square feet, that way you can dodge the permitting requirements of most municipalities. So who said bigger was better? Not in this case, take a look at 7 of these tiny models.


The Anderjack model has oversized front columns which give it a unique and charming look and can be placed in a beautiful setting like in the above picture.

This tiny house costs the same as the previous model and also has similar oversized columns on the front porch. This 7 x 16 feet house can be used for whatever purpose you give it and can be built almost anywhere you would like. The Tumbleweed company proposes using them as backyard bedroom, office or even yoga retreat.


This wooden cabin, named Gifford, has a tiny front porch. With a scenery like this, who cares about the size of the house!


This model is a little bigger than the previous ones with 107 square feet and comes with three small windows. Don’t worry if that isn’t enough for you, you can always add windows for an additional price.


This Weller model, featured here in beautiful Colorado, is a tiny house has a gabble offset over the front door which gives you more space in the loft area. The exterior is made out of pine wood and features a big window beside the door.


The ultimate dollhouse. Compared with the previous models seen here, in this one, the door is located on the longer side of the house which gives it a totally different look.


This tiny house has all the conveniences that you need and it makes for one awesome camping trip when you can sleep in that!

So do you still believe that bigger is better? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Inhabitat