This Builder Spent $40,000 On His House For His Cats.

What could cause someone to renovate his house for his cats? Peter Cohen, a home builder living in California moved into a house with the two cats that he rescued from the streets. His cats went outside and unfortunately, the first was killed by a car while the second got hit, but survived. He then realized that they should stay inside so he can keep them safe. Since he really loved cats, he decided to take under his wing abandoned cats. Before he realized it, 18 cats lived in his house. So how are you suppose to keep 18 cats entertained inside? Like this:

He started by building a few ramps for the cats, tunnels, and platforms in a few rooms.


Then, he built some for other rooms so the cats could have more playgrounds.


New elements appeared like raised beds and litter boxes placed around the house.


Finally, the structures spread out to every room.

So you can see four-legged friends run around, sleep or play all over the house…As much on the floor than above the ground and in the walls (yes, there are hidden tunnels). That sounds like paradise for cat lovers! Peter mentioned that the total price for all the structures was around 30 to 40 thousands dollars. He also installed 25 security cameras so he can watch his cats any time of the day.

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Source: Houzz